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Product Information

Each 600 G Pot Provides:- 20 to 24 servings

INGREDIENTS (dried, powdered):

Whey Protein Concentrate (Contains Soya Lecithin)

Whey Protein Isolate (Contains Soya Lecithin)

Flavouring (Flavouring preparations/flavouring substances)

Maltodextrin (bulking agent)

Gum Arabic (emulsifier)

Sucralose (Sweetener)

Suggested Usage : 15 - 30 gr to be taken 1 time per day.

Mix with fruit juice, yogurt, milks, or just water.

 Beneficial For….

     Increase Daily Protein Intake                                       

    Maintain Lean Mass

    Shape & Tone

    Increase Calorie Intake

    Build Immune System



Whey Protein Complex

Premium Whey Protein Supplement.

Derived from HIGH quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, this Whey is sourced from the BEST QUALITY HORMONE free, GMO free milk, from Grass fed cows in the UK and the EU.

Containing 21grams of protein per serving, our Whey promotes muscle growth and repair. Use any time of day, before or after exercise, or simply as a nutritious, appetite curbing snack. Add to milk, juice, water,  the choice is yours. Need even more Protein? Combine it with our Hemp Protein Complex, a protein extremely close to the protein found in human blood plasma, so easily assimilated without any waste. You get every ounce of nutrients from our shake. Nothing is wasted or bulk. We only use premium quality whey (no other cheap protein sources have been added).  You get all you need to do the job you want to do as efficiiently as you can. Nothing else.

This product is not just for Muscle building Men though. It is just as useful fow women or any person who wants to diet, but maintain their immune system. These products raise levels of Glutathione in the blood, which is important as this is the body’s primary antioxidant which has very many healing and beneficial properties.

This is a product you can count on. Containing only ingredients you need, these ingredients are of the highest quality to give you maximum impact to help you reach yoiur body dreams. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA FLAVOUR


Support Tissue Repair

 Easy Source of Protein

 Before/After Training

  Increase Muscle Mass/ Size

RRP £20.50

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