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Super Acai Plus

Concentrated Acai berry PLUS powerful extra antioxidants  100% natural food source.


We combine more superfoods in our blends, providing a broader range of nutrients and minerals.

We only Use the highest quality ingredients, Organic where suitable, GM Free, Gluten Free, dairy free, Vegan, no added sugar or flavours, and not tested on Animals.


Meal replacement, weight loss, weight gain, immune booster, etc. The best supplements to make you the best you can be.

The body digests natural vitamins and minerals better than synthetic which is why our supplements actually work, unlike much of what is available elsewhere. Natural and organic beat synthetic chemicals, hands down, always.

Red Super Food Duo

Nutrient filled Red beetroot plus montmorency cherry. Gives extra stamina to athletes plus powerful anti-oxidant                              .

Dream Green Bean

Green Coffee Bean. The fantastic weight loss supplement that boosts your metabolism and encourages rapid weight loss. Includes coffee bean extract plus other proven ingredients

Uber C Vit

Natures powerful Vitamin C producing fruits combined in capsules. One of the most powerful anti-oxidants, 100% natural, potent multi-sourced vitamin C.

Hemp Protein Complex

15 Superfoods and herbs PLUS concentrated Hemp protein powder.  Vegan protein shake for athletes or anyone

Uber Protein Plus

Powerful nutrients from 9 superfoods and herbs plus PEA protein. Fantastic & easy to digest protein shake with extra benefits           

Dream Surf n Turf

Combination of Organic plants from sea and soil, to cleanse and detox.   There is so much goodness in this one supplement.


Super Nutrient Blend

14 Super fruits, herbs and superfoods, all organic, in capsules, providing every nutrient the body requires…                  

Uber Green Foods

100% organic  -- one of the most nutrient-dense superfood combinations per serving you will find!