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A pure amino acid powder, required for a range of repair and maintenance functions:

Wound healing, muscle and bone growth, digestive health and gut wall integrity. If you have leaky gut syndrome or food intolerance, it is very possible that this amino acid will help repair your issues.

Containing L-Glutamine, an extremely potent amino acid, this powder is perfect for those with digestion problems related to a leaky gut, or even Athletes and Sports people who have undergone a rigorous training schedule or are recovering from injury. More importantly for Athletes, if you have a hard work out schedule, and find it hard to lose weight and maintain muscle bulk, this amino acid will retain protein, so keeps lean muscle and allows fat to be burned, meaning that you will not lose so much muscle mass with this amazing supplement.

Great for the elderly who often waste away. For the same reason it will reduce wastage in the elderly, maintaining their muscle. This is because of its unique ability to promote the release of human growth hormone. Typically, those who are unwell and suffer from wastage,m will be given synthetic HGH, which is expensive and has side effects that are not really beneficial. This is one of the very few natural products that is readily absorbed and recognised by the body that will promote the release of natural HGH, thus avoiding all the nasty side effects. Overall a great supplement for the fit and active, infirm, or anyone who has indigestion problems.


Product Information

PER 100g POT:

Pure L-Glutamine powder - 100g

(Fermented from glucose)

Daily usage

5g to 30g per day depending on ingredients

 Beneficial For….

        Digestive Health

        Gut Wall Integrity


           Tissue Repair

        Muscle Growth


        Bloated Stomach/Wind

        Bad Body Odour

        Candida Albicans  



Super Amino Acid


Crohn’s Disease




Food Intolerance


Leaky Gut


Contains No:-




Added Sugar


Artificial Colourings

Suitable For Vegans & Vegetarians

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