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HealthDreams range of sports supplements:

Southern Ocean Krill Oil   £16.95  

A pure and extremely high concentration of Omega 3 Oils, Southern Oceans Krill helps sports performance. When we increase activity levels, damaging free radicals are created. These, and other unwanted free radicals are destroyed by the potent anti-oxidant astaxanthin found in Southern Ocean Krill. Astaxanthin also acts as a super booster to other vitamins in the body. It helps protect joints and the circulatory system. Krill oil carries powerful, easily bio available phospholipids,  the building blocks for cell membranes, so Krill speeds up and improves recovery after exercise and sports activity. Of course, one of the many wonderful benefits of this supplement is its ability to improve brain activity. All natural, this supplement will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Red Superfood Duo £13.95    

Two foods combine in a highly concentrated food form state to create a perfect superfood for athletes, boosted by Vitamin B6, Black pepper powder and turmeric extract. Providing high levels of dietary nitrate, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-oxidants. The dietary nitrate found in this super supplement lowers blood pressure. More importantly, it increases exercise performance and muscle growth. Studies have found that the ingredient found in this supplement improves performance and stamina. Perfect for athletes, it helps the liver detox, and has powerful anti-oxidant properties to counter any free radicals found ravaging the body, leaving the athlete fitter, stronger, with more energy and a boosted immune system. All natural ingredients, these supplements will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Joint Eaze £15.95

Sports are fantastic for your health when they are going well, but if your joints and connective tissues are not in optimal working order, sports activity can be curtailed or cease. Joint Eaze is a fantastic and potent unique formula created from 100% natural, found in nature, products, known for their anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. Joint Eaze helps with calcium absorption, tissue building and strengthening cartilage, but is not just for stronger joints and better performance; it fights age related arthritis and other joint related issues too, including aches and pains such as sore joints, backs, bones, knees etc. Customers love this product with almost instant results. Try it for yourself. All natural ingredients, Joint Eaze will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Whey Protein Complex - £20.50

A far superior Whey protein to most of those available in the High Street, our Whey only uses the highest quality GM free EU milk. This does make a difference! If you are using Whey to feed your muscles after an extensive bout of exercise, using cheap Whey, sourced from inferior low quality milk will not give you the desired muscle growth and protein for your needs. If you actually make the effort to work your body hard and put yourself through the paces, don’t compromise with low quality cheap whey. For the results you want,  use HealthDreams Whey Protein Complex . All natural ingredients, our Whey Protein will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Super Amino Acid  £11.95    

Great for athletes after a vigorous workout.  This pure amino acid (in a tasteless powder) is required by the body for a variety of repair and maintenance functions, including wound healing, muscle and bone growth, digestive health and gut wall integrity. After a vigorous training session, this amino acid protein breaks down uric acid from proteins. A high protein diet combined with an inefficient kidney system can result in too much Uric acid in the system, which can cause Gout. Another great benefit of this supplement is that for those body builders who are burning up huge amounts of energy, this prevents lean muscle loss instead of fat loss. All natural, this supplement will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Uber C Vit:  £11.58

A 100% naturally sourced food form vitamin C supplement. One of Natures most powerful anti-oxidants, vitamin C is a vital nutrient for growth, muscle and cell repair. Many vitamin C supplements exist, but very few are made from naturally sourced vitamin C. Why is ours specifically natural rather than synthetic like most High Street varieties that compete on price alone? Simple. Natural Food Form Vitamin C is the only variety to be absorbed by the body and recognised for what it is. Man made Vitamin C’s (ascorbic acids) are acidic and immediately excreted. Because this is so natural, less is required and it goes a long way. Great for the body generally, this product supplements athletes requirements of this vital antioxidant, and helps the body repair and recover after bouts of exercise. All natural, this supplement will not interfere with any existing medication or vitamins you might be taking.

Protein Shakes and Meal Replacements

In addition to the Whey Protein shake, which is a meal replacement, but specifically a Pre and Post exercise drink to help muscle recovery and growth, we also supply other protein shakes.

Nutri Meal:  Chocolate or Vanilla flavoured. Dairy and Gluten free protein shakes and meal replacements. Wide range of vitamins and minerals, providing daily nutrients. Great for Vegans, Vegetarians, and also useful if recuperating from a sports injury, yet you do not want to eat too much food.

Uber Protein Plus: Blend of complete vegetable protein, at 76%. This blend is fortified with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals from 9 herbs and superfoods, adding an excellent amino acid and nutrient profile to a high protein vegan shake!

Hemp Protein Complex: Complete balanced and natural protein from Hemp. Includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients from 15 other superfoods and herbs.  This blend contains all the amino acids and is rich in Omega oils (good for the brain and circulatory health) and dietary fibre (excellent for Colon health and stable blood sugar levels). This product contains NO hexane or other toxic chemicals which are usually used in the extraction process of Hemp (and many other) products.

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HealthDreams Supplements- for Increased Sports Performance

Turmeric Synergy Blend:  £16.99

Our Turmeric Synergy Blend is a unique combination of organic turmeric powder with synergistic extracts, herbs and nutrients, which supports immunity, lower levels of inflammation, joint and bone health as well as energy levels, cognitive function, hormonal balance, acid-base metabolism, macronutrient metabolism, nails, skin, hair and more.

Each capsule combines organic turmeric powder PLUS high-potency turmeric extract (95% curcumin - the active ingredient) with ginger root extract (5% gingerols), cayenne extract (100au capsaicin), piperine (black pepper) extract, zinc citrate and vitamin B6. The piperine has been included to potentiate the absorption and effect of the other herbal actives - a well-known herbalists' combination.

This unique Turmeric synergy is Ideal as an immune system booster, as well as for use during any exercise programme. It is especially good for older adults and anyone looking to support hormone, bone and joint health plus all round well-being. Can also be used for liver, digestive and circulatory system health.

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