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Nutri Meal is on a SPECIAL Offer expiring Midnight on Halloween, October 31st

Checkout Code FAST* for 10% off  RRP £13.95   NOW ONLY £12.55

*To receive the discount you MUST enter the CODE at the checkout. You will NOT receive a discount without the code

Click HERE to see why Nutri Meal is perfect for your diet Needs

and HERE for Info on Dream Green Bean

                             Choco Nutri Meal:                                 Vanilla Nutri Meal

To Increase the Discount, BOOST your Fast by combining the Nutri Meal (in either a delicious Chocolate flavour OR Vanilla) with a Dream Green Bean to help boost your metabolism and burn extra fat!

BUY a BOOSTED Weight Loss Special for a £6.99 Discount!

Use the code BOOST FAST : Combined RRP is £26.94:

Lent Special Price ONLY £19.95   Vanilla                               Choco

saving a HUGE £6.99!

Special Package Offers

Special Fasting offer!

June 20th until Midnight, October 31st

There are many benefits to fasting. We are not talking about Hunger strikes here,. or dressing in sackcloth and ashes, but it does not hurt  to replace a meal with a low calorie but highly nutritious alternative!

Which meal is the best to replace?

Probably dinner, but it is not always the easiest to replace, so if you work in an office or any other location where your energy expenditure is limited, replace that sandwich or roll or unhealthy snack that you eat in a “hurry” for lunch with one of our meal replacement shakes.

Better still, try out the 2 and 5 diet. Fast for two days, 600 calories, and eat normally (sensibly, McDonalds and doughnuts with biscuits and cake are NOT eating sensibly) for the remaining 5 days. Within two months the weight will be dropping off!

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