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A pure and natural source of high concentration Omega 3 oil

This Krill oil is sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries in the antarctic. Unlike all those other fish oils you have tried before, Krill oil has no fishy after taste or “burps”! You gain all the benefits (and then some) of other Omega tablets you used to take, but none of the detrimental effects!

There are many good reasons to take this oil, one of them being the fact that it contains the powerful anti oxidant ASTAXANTHIN, and also high levels of PHOSPHOLIPIDS, which is a fundamental component of human cell membranes. This is far better than most fish oils and is more Bio available, ie more efficient. Other than the fact that this is tasteless in its capsule form, it has far higher levels of astaxanthin than other fish oils. This antioxidant is able to cross over the blood/brain barrier, which means that it can work in our brains to fight free radicals. The benefit to you is that it can help protect the eyes, brain cells and central nervous system. Oh, and we must not forget your heart! Yes, this is an excellent heart tonic to keep your heart working smoothly.  An extremely important property of this supplement, which, if it  was the only benefit, that alone would be a good reason to buy it.

The Omega fatty acids, DHA and EPA, found in abundance in these capsules are essential for a healthy body and active mind. If you are not eating two to three portions of good oily fish each week, then you really do need to take an Omega 3 supplement to keep you healthy.


Product Information

60 Gelatine capsules per pot


Krill Oil - 500mg

Marine Gelatin Capsule Shell

Omega 3 - 25%

Omega 6 - 2.6%

Omega 9 - 20%

EPA - 11.8%

DHA - 7.2%

Phospholipids - 30.3%

Astaxanthin - 24mg/100g

Usage: 1 to 2 capsules a day or as advised

 Beneficial For….

        Reducing :-

High Cholesterol.  

                Heart Disease

                   High Blood Pressure



                    Liver Function

                    Blood Sugar Health

                    Brain Function

                    Blood Lipid Health

                    Optimal Skin Health          



Southern Ocean Krill

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Immune Function

Healthy Joints


Memory & Concentration

Fighting The Signs Of Age

Protection of Cell Membranes

Nervous System Function

Not Suitable For Vegans or Vegetarians

Contains No:-

Added Sugar





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