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Weight Loss

How to choose which pack.

1) Are you active? If so, and you are looking to boost your weight loss, choose starter pack 2.

2) Are you starting to lose weight and intending to start an activity program soon?

Choose starter pack 1. For more info see the description .

3) Not sure that either of these are for you?

Look at our weight management page and read the description  of our weight related supplements.

Everything from Metabolism boosters, to various meal replacement products. If you are allergic to gluten or want vegan supplements, we have a meal replacement for you!

Whatever your weightloss needs, we can help!

Diet Starter Pack 1

This is a great way to get yourself on the road to a healthier, fitter, more svelte looking you.  What are your healthdreams? Don’t care about Health? What are your body dreams then?

1) Breakfast with Uber Green Foods

One of the most nutrient dense shakes you can buy. Full of enzymes, beneficial nutrients and vitamins. This shake will set you up for the morning and supply all the nutrients you have probably been missing for years.

2). Clear your body and toxins with consti Gone. Get rid of what you don’t need hanging around, and still feel you don’t need a  meal.

3). Diet M8 Garcinia. This clever combination of proven diet aids will sort out those unwanted carb calories and do wonders for your metabolism. A better combination than similar goods on the market, these work well.

4). Nutri Meal: A low calorie highly nutritious meal replacement for lunch or dinner.

This starter pack will not only allow you to lose weight, but it will make you healthier, give you a more efficient digestive system, give you more energy, and generally make you look and feel fantastic.

Diet Starter Pack 2

This pack is more for the person who wants to lose weight, but is already active, possibly going to the gym, but not looking after their nutrition. If you are starving yourself or still eating rubbish food, then this is for you..

1.)  Breakfast with Nutri Meal. One of our most popular products, this low calorie protein shake provides required nutrients and will leave you satisfied, and ready for exercise or activity.

2). Uber Protein Plus. A great meal replacement or just a pre or post activity shake. This is a great diet aid, brimming with vitamins and minerals, easily digestible by the body, and recognised as a natural food. This shake helps regulate blood sugar levels and fights fat so is a great all around Vegan supplement..

3). Metaboost Complex. Boost your metabolism and get your body working for you. If you are exercising and do activity, this will just work wonders and you will notice how quiockly your body is toning and how good you are beginning to feel.

A great combination to take you to the next level, quickly and efficiently, and leave you feeling healthy, satisfied and fitter overall.

Active Pack 1

This is for the Active person who is already happy with their body, but needs to stop those aches and pains and feeling tired from perhaps too much energy exertion..

1.)  Southern Oceans Krill. If you are not eating two or three portions of oily fish a week, then this is the best supplement that you can have, and is actually better than your oily fish anyway (no mercury worries). Great for brain, heart, circulation etc.

2).Joint Ease

Being active is fantastic, but joints and connective tissue does tend to get sore from time to time. This, 100% natural supplement uses all the known natural ingredients to work with your body to build, repair and protect those joints and connective tissue. 100% natural therefore not only good for you today, but it leaves your joints in better health.

3). Hemp Protein Complex.

Finally, a fantastic, easy to digest vegan friendly protein shake that repairs and builds your muscles, leaves you feeling full and satisfied after consumption, and helps you feel fresher and ready for action the next day. A popular choice with athletes and those using vigorous exercise, this is just a wonderful complex