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Inactive Lifestyle

Southern Oceans Krill Oil

This oil, sustainably harvested is oozing with omega oils necessary for brain and body health. Supporting circulation, heart health and muscle recovery , a must for the inactive.

Uber C Vit

Vitamin C derived from nature’s richest sources of this essential vitamin and antioxidant. Body and Cell repair for inactive people.                  

Super Amino Acid

 A pure amino acid powder, required by the body for a range of repair and maintenance functions. Breaks down uric acid from proteins- good for gut repair and immunity building.

Super Acai Plus

Packed with 1065mg of acai berry, additional antioxidants (including anthocyanins) from 3 other hand-picked ingredients: immunity and heart health.

Omega 3,6,9

A balanced source in ideal ratios. Derived from sunflower seed, flaxseed and fish oil - the best source. Heart and circulation health aid plus…

Uber Green Foods

A 100% organic superfoods combination  - one of the most nutrient-dense organic combinations per serving you will find!  Low Calorie meal replacement giving you everything you need!

Inactive Lifestyle

Being inactive is a sign of the times. Busy work life, busy home life, sitting at a desk or sitting in a car/lorry all day, and the years take their toll. Even those who were active in their youth become inactive in time, despite the best intentions.

The problem is overeating with no activity. This leads to adipose fat ( apple shape, with love handles and a belly) which leads to diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. No one can maintain an inactive lifestyle, be overweight and live a disease free life. It just does not happen. Start with meal replacements and get some vital nutrients. You will feel amazed at the difference. Then all you need to do is to find time for some activity! Start with some of these then visit the weight management section for weight loss products.

Super Liver Clear

A specific herbal combination which provides extra support for the liver, gallbladder and other detox organs and systems. Beneficial following over indulgence in food/alcohol and/or smoking.

Vanilla/Choc Nutri Meal

A dairy-free, gluten-free meal replacement and protein powder  fortified with a wide range of beneficial vitamins, minerals, nutrients and herbs.             


Ideal for long-term use as a high fibre bowel cleanser and detoxifier, cell repair agent, colon maintenance. Supports natural weight loss and appetite control.