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Product Information

Per 1 Capsule (contains 90 capsules)

Alfafa- 85mg

Juniper berry - 50mg

Celery - 40mg

Dandelion leaf extract (4:1 - Equivalent to 160mg fresh dandelion leaf) - 40mg

Kelp - 40mg

Nettle leaf - 40mg

Parsley leaf - 40mg

Radish leaf - 40mg

Watercress - 40mg

Magnesium oxide - 33mg

Vitamin B6 - 12mg

2-6 capsules per day with food, or as recommended.

 Beneficial For….

    Most Cases of Water Retention (Oedema)

    Breast  Tenderness and Swelling

    During Body Detox Programmes

    During the Menopause

    During  Monthly Cycles If Water

    Retention Increases Abdominal Swelling

    And Period Pains



Ban Water

11 concentrated herbals and nutrients to support healthy fluid / water levels.

Many people, especially women, suffer from excess stored water, and non medical oedema.

Although primarily a product for women, there are times when all people need to Banish that excess water and Ban Water is the perfect product.

For those who suffer  during each monthly cycle tfrom retained fluid in the body and abdominal bloating that causes much discomfort along with puffiness of the fingers, eyes, knees and ankles, this supplement is probably the answer you have been looking for. Proven to be effective and yet natural, containing no unnecessary ingredients or additives, this is an amazing product that will alleviate that unwelcome discomfort.

The especially selected herbs and vitamins are chosen for their water banishing properties and effectiveness as a synergy. Used before a slimming program,  it will be part of a pre slim process to banish excess weight in water. Vitamin B is an effective diuretic. Magnesium oxide contributes to the correct fluid balance in cells; Alfafa, rich in many minerals, creates an effective diuretic; Juniper, known for its beneficial actions on the urinary tract, fights bladder infection and gallstones, whilst building urinary sytem health; Celery, among its relevant properties is a urinary antiseptic; Dandelion leaf, a diuretic and liver strengthener. Kelp, nettle leaf, Parsley, radish leaf and watercress, all with excellent medicinal properties are also working to your benefit.

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Swollen and Puffy Fingers

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Swollen Ankles







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